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Certified Loan Signing Service

All of our Loan Signing Agents are
Certified, Knowledgeable, & Experienced
with all Real Estate loan documents including but not limited to:


    * Purchase & Refinance

    * Conventional

    * Helocs

    * FHA

    * Debt Consolidation

    * Title 1 Construction

    * VA

    * ETC.


Queen Bee Notary Resources include:

     * E-Docs

     * E-Fax

     * Scan backs and On-Site Scanning 

     * All Courier Services


POLICY:  Two Hours prior to appointment or 100% of the travel fee will apply.


WAIT FEE:  Queen Bee Notary  offers a 15 minute grace period.  50% of the travel

                   fee will apply every 15 minutes until appointment begins.

Disclaimer:  Notaries representing Queen Bee Notary are not Attorneys, We are Notary Publics.  We are not licensed to practice law in the State of California or any other State, and may not, under any circumstance, give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice or legal services.

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