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California Notary Forms & Legal Links



California Female All-Purpose Acknowledgement

California Copy Certification by Document Custodian

California Male All-Purpose Acknowledgement

California Multiple Signers All-Purpose Acknowledgement

California Jurat - All Signers

California Affiant Statement w/Jurat

California Minor Permission to Travel

California Notarial Certificates 2016
Download California Notarial Forms FREE!

Queen Bee Notary offers free, up to date, fillable, and printable PDF California Notarial Certificates.  


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Legal Links

VitalCheck Certificate Service
legalzoom - Legal help is here.

Queen Bee Notary provides the above forms and links as a Resource Only.  Queen Bee Notary is not an attorney and does not offer any legal advice or accept any liablity in regard to the use of the forms listed on this website.  If you need any assistance preparing your legal documents or have any questions in regard to the legal forms please consult an attorney or paralegal. 

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